Amir meets US defence secretary

His Highness the Amir of State of Qatar Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani held a meeting with Secretary of Defense of the United States of America Lloyd Austin at the headquarters of the United States Department of Defense (Pentagon) on Monday.

At the outset of the meeting, the US Defence Secretary welcomed HH the Amir, and praised the strong and strategic relations between Qatar and the US, noting that the US is committed to making the partnership with Qatar stronger than it is now.

The US Defence Secretary also expressed thanks and appreciation for the support Qatar has provided, and continues to provide, to his country in Afghanistan, including the evacuation of more than 124,000 people and the reception of others who left Afghanistan in search of new beginnings.

The Defence Secretary reasserted his previous statement from Doha last September, in which he said it is not an exaggeration that the Qatari efforts have saved thousands of lives; and that thanks to the Qatari efforts, Kabul Airport has remained open to aircraft.

The US Secretary of Defence underlined that HH the Amir, as a leader and a partner, is trustworthy and reliable, which enhance the defence relations with partners such as Qatar, in light of the two countries’ ongoing efforts to ensure security and stability in the region, achieve common goals, resolve conflicts, provide humanitarian support to civilians and reduce tensions.

For his part, HH the Amir affirmed the depth of the strategic relations between Qatar and the United States, describing them as a strong defense partnership.

HH the Amir underlined that Qatar supports the US operations in the Middle East by hosting 10,000 US forces in Qatar. In this regard, HH the Amir expressed his pride and pleasure for providing support for the evacuation of Americans from Afghanistan last summer, which reflects the strength of the partnership between the two countries.

HH the Amir added that Qatar is proud of its cooperation with the United States, expressing gratitude for the cooperation of the US side and for working together with Qatar to secure the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 in a manner that achieves security and stability in the region.

HH the Amir expressed pleasure to meet the US Secretary of Defence and exchange points of view on several issues of common concern, stressing his confidence that the partnership between the two countries will contribute to building a better future in the region.

The meeting also discussed the strategic cooperation between the two countries in the defense, military and security fields, in addition to the regional and international developments, especially the joint efforts of the two countries to establish peace and stability in the region.

The meeting was attended by a number of members of the official delegation accompanying HH the Amir. On the US side, the meeting was attended by a number of senior officials.