Amir to patronise 15th Education Excellence Day Award event today

His Highness the Amir of State of Qatar Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani will patronise on Wednesday the 15th Education Excellence Day Award ceremony under the slogan “With Excellence We Build Generations,” which will be held at the Sheraton Doha Hotel.
Qatar will celebrate the 15th edition of the Education Excellence Day Award, under the slogan ‘With Excellence We Build Generations’.
Seventy-two winners out of a total of 267 applicants applied to win in its nine different categories will be honoured. The nine categories include the Education Excellence Day Award for primary and preparatory students, high school students, university graduates, and holders of master’s and doctoral degrees, in addition to the distinguished teacher award, distinguished school and distinguished scientific research.
The growing interest and participation in the Education Excellence Day Award, launched by the Ministry of Education and Higher Education in 2006 and under the patronage of HH the Amir, confirms that Qatar focuses on the human being as the basis for community development and in implementing Qatar National Vision 2030.
It also indicates that investing in Qataris through quality education and scientific excellence is a strategic choice for the advancement of the country in a conscious and distinguished society, armed with science and knowledge.
The Education Excellence Day Award is one of the foundations of the educational system in Qatar, and represents one of the paths that promote excellence and creativity by adopting international standards, implementing quality programmes, and achieving the integration of individual and institutional efforts to improve the outcomes of the educational process in Qatar.
The award also honours and celebrates the scientifically distinguished people of Qatar, encouraging all individuals and educational institutions to enhance their performance, promoting positive trends towards knowledge and scientific research, instilling a spirit of innovation among students, researchers and educational institutions, and fueling the spirit of competition between individuals and educational institutions in scientific excellence, and directing individual and institutional energies towards scientific excellence in areas that serve the purpose of the State’s development orientations.
Over the past 15 years, the Education Excellence Day Award has contributed to making excellence a strategic goal and a well-established culture in Qatari society, which has become an incubator environment for excellence in light of the wide educational options provided by the state for its children at home and abroad.
Through national strategies and well-studied educational plans, Qatar aimed at building an educational system in line with the highest standards of global educational systems, with the adoption of the latest technologies and educational and research programs in curricula, assessment and training, which contributed to the development of students’ capabilities, the discovery of their talents and creative potential, and the enhancement of their scientific research skills in various disciplines and fields, especially those needed by the state.
In light of the growing interest and increasing demand for participation in the award, the number of distinguished people awarded during the past 15 years exceeded 800 individuals and institutions in all nine categories.
Minister of Education and Higher Education HE Buthaina bint Ali Al Jabr Al Nuaimi affirmed that HH the Amir’s continuous support of the Education Excellence Day Award carries many inspiring meanings and connotations because it reflects the extent of HH the Amir’s interest in the education system and its outcomes and the role entrusted to it in preparing Qataris in a rapidly changing world.
She said that in celebration of the Education Excellence Day Award in its 15 edition, excellence has become a strategic goal in HH the Amir’s policy and a societal culture, where Qatar has distinguished itself thanks to its citizens in the field of education and other fields such as economy, trade, media, culture, sports, tourism, art and heritage, as well as in the field of diplomacy, conflict resolution, peace building and its sustainability at the regional and international levels, in addition to its distinction in the field of humanitarian and social work.
The Education Excellence Day Award has become an essential part of human development efforts and initiatives in the State of Qatar, and that the best can be achieved through science and learning, as well as attention to scientists, distinguished and creative people in their various positions, especially since spending on education in Qatar is very large, and is among the highest in the world, which gives citizens confidence in the future of their children, HE added.
The minister said that the Education Excellence Day Award ended its 15th session with success. It was able to reach every Qatari home, which confirms that it is moving at steady and progressive steps through a path full of achievements, towards achieving the vision and objectives of the rational leadership, in terms of reaching a scientifically distinguished generation, capable of local and international competition, and an active, serious and responsible contribution to advancing comprehensive and sustainable development under the wise leadership of HH the Amir, she added.
In this regard, the Minister of Education and Higher Education said that this success comes from the quality of education and its outputs from Qatari competencies and their scientific excellence, in light of the unlimited support of the wise leadership of education, adding that the schools, universities and higher institutes of Qatar have been distinguished by many remarkable practices and high-level qualitative outputs – enabling these institutes to win international competitions and compete at the academic level in the most prestigious international universities, and providing the labor market with distinguished competencies.
She affirmed that Qatar will continue its journey of excellence by creating an enabling environment that embraces and encourages creativity, generates new ideas and visions, releases and develops human potential, as well as develop scientific research methods, mechanisms and techniques, and employ them in its societal context.
Undersecretary of the Ministry of Education and Higher Education HE Dr Ibrahim bin Saleh Al Nuaimi said that the honorable patronage of HH the Amir of the Education Excellence Day Award, and His Highness’ constant keenness to patronize the excellence ceremony and honor the winners, emphasizes the extent of His Highness’ interest in science and the educational system in Qatar in its various levels of study, including public and university education, and excellence in all its categories.
This patronisation has added great importance to the award and given it sublime dimensions, connotations and meanings, which has been proved by the great demand, development and competition that the award is witnessing year after year, he added.
The award has become an example of excellence and distinction, and has contributed to discovering the creative and talented, especially as it is characterized by the highest international scientific standards, which makes the participation and winning of it an honor sought by all, which in turn has contributed to expanding the circle of participation in the competition – earning a good reputation inside and outside Qatar, he noted.
He called relevant students, schools and holders of university and higher degrees to participate in the award, each in their field, to achieve victory, excellence and aspiration, as well as play a vital role in rooting the culture of excellence in society, stressing that the participation is open for those aspiring to achieve success, and that excellence requires investing time, confidence, continuous giving and great effort.