‘Demand for electricity is increasing annually’

The Director of the Energy Department of the League of Arab States Eng. Jamila Matar, confirmed that the demand for electricity will increase annually by a large percentage that can only be met within the framework of a joint Arab effort, the basis of which is the comprehensive Arab electrical interconnection and electrical equipment industries in the Arab region.
In her speech at the opening session of the 7th General Conference of the Arab Union of Electricity, Matar said that the current situation in the energy markets is witnessing great fluctuations to an unprecedented extent due to global geopolitical turmoil, therefore, the Arab League views the transformation and transition in the energy sector as a real opportunity for sustainable economic growth.
She stressed the keenness of the General Secretariat of the Arab League to exert all its efforts to achieve higher levels of electrical interconnection in preparation for the establishment of the Arab common market for electricity; She referred to the great importance the General Secretariat attaches to this issue, especially after the signing of the Memorandum of Understanding to establish the market in 2017.
She added that the electricity sector in most Arab countries plays its role in providing electrical energy to all consumers and to this end, it pumps huge investments to keep pace with the steady increases in consumption as a result of population increase or development in all its forms.
She explained that from this comes the Arab countries’ interest in developing their industries in the electricity sector, including the manufacture of production equipment, transportation, distribution and storage of electricity, which led the Arab Ministerial Council for Electricity to make the issue of holding specialized exhibitions one of its main concerns. The exhibition of electrical equipment and supplies industry in the Arab world was held once every three years, coinciding with the exhibition held by the Arab Union of Electricity, and hosted by one of the Arab countries.