Exports by Qatar’s pvt sector rise 77% to QR26.4 bn in 2021

The value of Qatar’s private sector exports in 2021 increased by 77.2 percent year-on-year to reach QR26.4 billion, compared to QR 14.9 billion in 2020 and by 21.7 percent compared to QR21.7 billion in 2019, according to a report issued by Qatar Chamber on Tuesday.
This surge confirmed the significant recovery of the private sector activity and Qatar economy in general from the implications of the COVID-19 pandemic, as it reached levels better than those before the application of precautionary measures, said the report which highlights the trade of private sector in 2021.
According to the report, the year-on-year increase in private sector exports during 2021 was attributed to the increase in exports through all types of certificates of origin issued by the Chamber vis-a-vis 2020 and 2019 except for the GPS Model which declined by 63.5 percent and 79.5 percent respectively.
In turn, exports through the General Model grew by 109 percent and 46.4 percent compared to their values in 2020 and 2019.
Similarly, exports through the GCC Unified Model jumped 142.1 percent and 139.2 percent compared to their values in 2020 and 2019.
Exports through the Unified Arab Model grew by 43.7 percent and 20.6 percent compared to 2020 and 2019.
Exports through the Unified Model to Singapore in 2021 saw substantial growth of 638.7 percent compared to their values in 2020 and by 570.1 percent compared to 2019.
The report indicated that the value of exports of eight commodities recorded growth compared to their values in 2019 and 2020, while the sole exports that decreased are the petrochemicals exports.
In 2021, Essential and Industrial Oils exports reached QR 8.15 billion, recorded year-on-year growth of 97 percent compared to 2020 and 24 percent compared to 2019.
Aluminium exports reached QR 6.1 billion in 2021, showing an increase of 60.5 percent compared to QR 3.8 billion in 2020.
In third place, industrial gases amounted to QR3.33 billion, followed by chemical substances amounted to QR1.7 billion, lotrene exports reached QR1.33 billion and steel exports amounted to QR1.32 billion.
As for economic blocs and groupings, Asian countries were at the top of economic blocs that received exports of the private sector in 2021 amounting to QR12.5 billion with a share of 47.6 percent of the total value, followed by GCC countries excluding GCC states with a share of 25.3 percent with exports of QR6.7 billion.
In third place came the group of EU states, with exports totalling QR4.9 billion representing 18.5 percent of the total value, followed by Arab countries excluding GCC states that received 1.4 billion, a share of 5.3 percent and African Countries Group excluding Arab countries with exports amounted to QR331 million, or a share of 1.3 percent of the total exports.
Other European countries came in sixth place with exports amounted to 307 million, or a share of 1.2 percent, followed by the USA which received exports worth QR193 million, a share of 0.7 percent. Other American countries which received exports worth QR57.8 million, or a share of 0.2 percent and Oceania received exports worth QR5.97 million, or a share of 0.02 percent.