Gas will determine world’s energy future, says Iranian president

President of Iran Ebrahim Raisi has called for the use of natural gas to improve the difficult economic path caused by the global COVID-19 outbreak, as it is one of the cleanest, safest and available energy sources for the coming decades.
In a speech delivered on Tuesday during the opening session of the 6th Gas Exporting Countries Forum in Doha, he said that natural gas will determine the future of energy in the world.
He said the summit is an important platform for developing the gas industry in the member states of the forum, expressing his hope that the meeting will contribute to achieving the desired goals and preserving natural gas resources.
Raisi noted that there are different points of view in the forum, but there is good solidarity among the participating countries towards the future.
He said that holding this forum and the participation of its members aims to support the rights affirmed by the sovereignty of these countries in the field of gas discovery and enhancing its role in meeting the world’s needs for energy, as well as ensuring security in the field of global demand for natural gas.
He added that gas plays an important role in the growing path of electricity use in the coming decades, and from this point of view, gas producers must meet the needs for this energy, which is an issue of great importance.
He explained countries that are rich in gas resources and exporters must send their message transparently to the world.
Raisi stressed that Iran has a large capacity to produce gas for domestic use and a high and growing capacity for export.