‘Lusail Tram one of the most advanced trams in the world’

Lusail Tram is a fully integrated railway and one of the most advanced tram systems in the world, thereby ensuring a very high standard of operations and safety for our customers, Qatar Rail has said.
It’s is a step is in line with Qatar’s plans to provide a sustainable, integrated and multi-modal public transport system, and to support the country’s hosting of an environmentally friendly and carbon-neutral FIFA World Cup 2022.
In a statement released on the occasion of the opening of Lusail Tram for public on Saturday, Qatar Rail Chief of Program Delivery Engineer Jassim Al Ansari said, “We are pleased with this significant milestone for Qatar Rail. The Lusail Tram project is one of the pillars of the integrated transport system. Qatar Rail delivered the project within the assigned time frame and according to the highest standards.”
During the past months, he said, “We have successfully completed the technical testing for this current stage, and we are confident that Lusail Tram will be a key player in the overall transportation system once the entire network is operational.”
Approximately 98 million man-hours have been spent during the project construction and we have received many international safety awards such as the RoSPA Gold awards and the BritishSafety Council Award, where the project excelled in terms of occupational safety and no major incidents were recorded during the period of the project.
Lusail Tram trains are both eco- and user-friendly, providing a greener, more efficient option than cars. Each tram-train consists of 64 seats and a comfortable capacity of 209 passengers in both Standard and Family Class.
Providing more details, Lusail Tram Project Director Eng Ahmad Al Saleh said, “The Lusail tram-trains were manufactured in France by Alstom, which is one of the largest train manufacturers in the world. The Lusail Tram fleet consists of 28 ‘Citadis X05’ trains that use ground power supply technology. The maximum speed can reach up to 60 km per hour. The trains have six screens to display travel information and around 20 USB ports.”
He said, “The design of the Lusail Tram was inspired by ‘Al Mehmel’ that signifies ‘The Dhow’, a traditional Qatari boat used for pearl fishing. The design concept focused on the sea and dhow pearl fishing with the blue accent colours of the marine environment.”
As the next phase of Lusail Tram will see trams running on roads, a Qatar Rail official said that road safety is an important aspect that Qatar Rail is looking at. “We are keen to educate the public on road safety with the tram system,” he said.
Qatar Rail Senior Director of QSHESE Abdulrahman Ali Al Malik said, “The tram system differs from other vehicles that travel on the road. The trams run on fixed tracks at a steady speed and cannot stop as quickly as cars. Therefore, we are keen to release awareness campaigns with the start of the preview service in Lusail City, to introduce the tram system and educate the public on the tram-trains and what to expect to see on the roads. In addition, it is of high importance that pedestrians and drivers abide by traffic safety guidelines, signs and traffic signals, to avoid the risks that may occur as a result of a collision with the tram-train during its movement in the city.”
Managed from the Operations Control Center at the Tram Depot located west of Lusail City Total, 510 staff is employed to operate and maintain the Lusail Tram Network.