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Alfouad Group Company

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Address:MAKKAH – Al Siteen Street MIDDLE EAST BUILDING – 1st Floor

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Al Fouad group company is considered one of the most important companies in the domain of commerce and contracting that established in 1973. We are a leading contracting company on the local and regional scale, as the starting of the company was an important shifting point for us and for the other national companies as well, where the foreign companies were executing the construction works inside the kingdom.

Witch required from us more effort and continuous work on the personal and administrative level to elevate the company through the execution quality control, delivery time accuracy and full credibility with the client in the public and privet sector. And that was the main reason on what we have of continuous progress and prosperity for more than 7000 employees in more than 8 companies under the umbrella of Al Fouad group. As we all stand to thanks our government to her role in supporting the national companies and establishments in that period whether the moral or the material support to compete the foreign companies to be the nucleus of the national companies, and that achieved by means of the high support of the Saudi government.

And here I am, I see with my own eyes how Al Fouad company has evolved and became one of the biggest national companies in the domain of commerce and contracting.

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