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Address:P.O.Box 231113 Riyadh 11321

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DesignTech Engineering Consultants is a Saudi consulting firm, its principal place of business is based in the city of Riyadh. The firm carries out all engineering studies, designs, supervision, quantity computation and surveying works… with God providence, within a very short period, the firm managed to accomplish numerous distinguished projects in both public and private sectors and our projects spread allover the Kingdom.

We have been qualified by many government entities and won the trust of our clients, which encouraged us for more development and excellence, as we were able to satisfy the needs of our clients, win their trust and attract highly qualified personnel which made us qualified to enter into various association agreements with numerous Arab and foreign specialist consulting organization such as:

• Tai Soo Kim of USA, it is specialized in preparing feasibility study, designs and project management.
• NewTech Engineering of South of Afica, it is specialized in provision of comprehensive consulting services for projects, engineering studies, supervision and project implementation.
• Squadra of England, specialized in quantities computation, project cost and management.

Due to the financial, administrative and technical advancement we attained, our firm has been turned into a professional engineering firm as a result of the extensive engineering expertise we accumulated in the area of engineering works. We are currently working for obtaining ISO 9001 certification.

Due to the Kingdom vast land area and spread of our projects for extreme northern borders to the Kingdom southern borders, passing through most of the Saudi cities, we open branch offices in the main cities and regions in Jeddah City and Tabuk so that we can be more closer to our clients and keep pace with the urban revolution prevailing in that areas.

We endeavor to take serious steps towards leveraging the level of our services and win the trust of our clients more and more depending on Allah help towards success. May Almighty Allah help us to achieve success.

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