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Address:KSA. Riyadh.P.O.Box 8300 Postal Code 11482

About Contractor (Company)

EMDAD organizational chart shows the relationship between the company’s various divisions and departments. all chart components contribute as required to the overall effort of engineering and construction of any specific project.

It is the policy of EMDAD to assign to each of its projects a dedicated team. this team is composed of a group of skilled individuals assigned from various divisions on a full-time basis as required.

Team members perform their respective duties in accordance with a set planned schedule and budget. headed by a project manager responsible for directing all project activities, the project team is sustained during the project lifetime. all members of the team, whilst reporting to the project manager for all matters related to the project, still are held accountable to their section and department heads for quality and conformity with design standards and practices adopted in EMDAD manuals.

Our Website: www.emdaddesign.com