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Tel:9200 23595
Address:P.O. Box 76164 Al-Khobar 31952, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

About Contractor (Company)

FAISAL ELECTRO-MECHANICAL CO. LTD. (FEMCO), is a multidisciplinary one of the leading EPC Saudi Contractors, with being considered as an industry leader in Infrastructure, District Cooling Plants, Buildings, Water & Power, Industrial Plants and other related construction facilities, as received many prestigious contracts which were successfully completed all over the Kingdom, with more than 25 years of experience.

FEMCO has also been recognized for its reliability, flexibility and strong execution track-record, as all the projects undertaken by FEMCO were executed with high quality and expert management and a workforce dedicated to their work.

Through its rich resources coupled with the financial strength, effective operational system, extensive experience in the field of construction and engineering as well as the high quality of technical and managerial staff, FEMCO recognizes any challenge posed by new projects regardless of the size or complexity of the project with its commitment to competitive prices and compliance to all quality standards.

FEMCO is dedicated to serve its customers with required standards, reliable quality system & knowledgeable management, caring for its employees, and meeting the expectations of its business partners, through optimum utilization of available resources.

It is essential that we consistently meet or exceed our customer’s expectations for Quality, Performance, Timeliness, cost of product/Services.

Our Website: www.femco.com