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Tel:012/6693344 Fax: 012/6692971
Address:P.O. Box: 21451 Jeddah 2164, Saudi Arabia

About Contractor (Company)

MNC Company for the development, implementation and management of projects is a distinguished brand in the field of construction in the city of Jeddah. Behind all these achievements was the dedication of efforts by the General Manager, Eng. Marwan Ahmed Nazer, in his capacity as the owner of this entity. It has received approval from all customers, praise be to God.

The aim of establishing this vital section was to find suitable solutions for our customers in order to reach an integrated work, as we, after the final designs for any project are made, the idea of ​​​​implementation is presented to the owner, through the MNC MNC company for project implementation and management, and many customers have approved these The idea won the approval of everyone, as we deliver the project integrated, taking into account the presence in all the project’s accurate and integrated technical details, bearing in mind the good reputation, and that the project comes into existence in a satisfactory manner for both parties, whether the owner, designer or executor, and from here we gained trust with each Our customers….

We have implemented and developed many projects (attached is an overview of the latest for the year 2013 AD). There are investment projects underway and they are at the highest level in terms of design or implementation.

Our Services:
_Contracting projects
_Study and implementation
_Architectural Design
_Ideas and solutions
_Project management
_Implementation management
_Interior Design
_Decoration and finishing

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