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Address:P.O. Box 50353 Jeddah 21523

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Over the past six decades, Sharqawi Company has developed a distinctive culture with an emphasis on innovation, customer focused marketing, efficient and industry-leading operating platforms as well as long term strategic planning. Such corporate philosophy has allowed us to continuously adapt our business for the benefit of our clients and partners, aspiring the excellence in our field.

We have expanded our operations in the marketplace and ensured a sustained and continuous growth from trading to contracting to manufacturing and recently to facility management. We are proud in our record for quality, health and safety, and this has helped us to promote our relationships and alliances that we deeply value both locally and globally.

On the other hand, our approach to employ a team of highly qualified and dedicated personnel, continuous training, improvement and development of procedures and systems, has helped us to be amongst the top players of building services industry.

Finally, I thank you for your interest in our company and for your time to look at our achievements.

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