New weather info website launched for FIFA World Cup

Minister of Transport HE Jassim Saif Ahmed Al Sulaiti on Wednesday launched a brand new website (fifaweather2022) that will be providing the weather report and climate information during November and December 2022 for the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 fans. The new services have also been reflected on the Q Weather App under the name the “FIFA 2022 Weather Conditions.”
The services will provide readings of all elements of the weather at the sites of the stadiums directly and around the clock. Developed by the Qatar Civil Aviation Authority (CAA), the new website and application services was announced coincides on World Meteorological Day, which falls on March 23 every year.
The new launch, Al Sulaiti said, aims at providing the best services for the fans of the FIFA World Cup, thus reflecting the dynamic development in meteorology in Qatar.
It is also an addition to a wide range of accomplishments by the civil aviation sector in Qatar, aiming at providing all the requirements for hosting such a global event, including the Mukaynis Meteorology Center, which significantly contributes to improving weather predictions by monitoring several elements of the weather that were not available before.
The Minister noted that Qatar is recognised by the World Meteorological Organization for providing weather services via the Gulf Marine Center (GMC) – the only provider of marine predictions, which provides its services to all the Gulf region, Arabian Sea and Gulf of Eden.
Meteorology Department Director, the CAA, Abdulla Al Mannai said that the services at the new website, which have been added to the Q Weather, will display the weather conditions monitored at the sites of the World Cup stadiums.
He said the weather data provided by the Meteorology Department will be used to show the general weather predictions during the World Cup in November and December by indicating daily normals and diurnal temperature distribution on charts that are easy to read and understand.