Preparatory meeting for 6th GECF summit begins

The preparatory meeting for the 6th summit of the Gas Exporting Countries Forum (GECF) began on Sunday, while the forum will kick off on Tuesday.
The preparatory meeting comes as a prelude to the extraordinary ministerial meeting of GECF, which will be held on Monday, and it aims to identify the progress made in the preparations for the summit and to summarize the main results for consideration by heads of states and governments.
In a speech addressing the participants of the meeting, GECF Secretary-General Engineer Mohamed Hamel said that the 6th summit of the forum represents a historic moment in the forum’s journey, pointing out to Doha’s hosting of GECF’s first summit in 2011.
He stressed that the heads of state and government who are gathered in Doha will define the future direction of the forum during the summit, considering it as a space that brings together its various members.
Hamel explained that the forum’s legacy and a credit will enable it to contribute to shaping the future of energy in the world, stressing that the 6th summit of GECF will create new horizons, especially at a time when natural gas is emerging as a reliable, safe and clean energy source.
He also noted that the results of UN Climate Change Conference (COP26) marked a milestone in global efforts to mitigate and adapt to climate change, indicating in same context the slowdown in progress towards achieving UN Sustainable Development Goals.
He reviewed the development witnessed by the forum over the past decade, as well as its role in introducing natural gas as a reliable source of energy and as major fuel in the 21st century.
He also pointed out that the forum provided advanced visions for the natural gas sector and the global outlook for this industry on the horizons of the year 2050, in addition to the completion of the short-term annual report on the gas market and the annual statistical bulletin.