Business center for rent on Grenada Business Park, East Ring Road, Riyadh
Business center for rent on Grenada Business Park, East Ring Road, Riyadh
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Mohamed Hashem




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Grenada Business Park, East Ring Road Riyadh 11692

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Description of Grenada Business Park, East Ring Road

Modern and highly accessible business center

In a stunning tower in the Saudi Arabian capital, our Grenada Business Park centre gives your business a presence that’s sure to impress clients, customers and colleagues alike. On a mixed-use business park, the centre is located on the 12th floor of a modern tower – the ideal place to see everything the site has to offer. Just outside, you’ll find a choice of useful amenities including restaurants, hotels and coffee shops, as well as a large convention centre that regularly brings international visitors to the park. And, of course, you’ll find a healthy business community made up of banks, manufacturers, and public sector organisations. So it’s the ideal place to work, network, or simply build your reputation in Saudi Arabia’s largest city. And, because the site is at the geographic centre of Saudi Arabia, it’s remarkably accessible from nearby cities and Riyadh King Kalid International Airport.

Facts & Facilities

A 11 minutes walk to the nearby restaurant will cap a successful day at work. About 631 m away from the business centre, there is a mall selling a wide range of products. All the business centre’s residents will find a specially reserved for them parking 248 m away from the building. The fully-furnished offices at the business centre are ready to use. A number of copying facilities is available to the business centre’s tenants.


Grenada Business Park, East Ring Road, Riyadh 11692

Comfortably seated 9447 m away from downtown, the business centre at Grenada Business Park, East
Ring Road is a combination of comfort and sophistication. A view of Eastern Ring Road strikin…