Qatar doing utmost to help supply Europe with more LNG: Kaabi

Qatar will do its ‘utmost’ to help supply more LNG to Europe, Minister of State for Energy Affairs HE Saad Sherida Al Kaabi said on Tuesday.
With the crisis in Ukraine leading to concerns over potential disruption to Russian gas supplies to Europe, Kaabi said, Qatar can divert 10 to 15 percent of its gas exports to customers different from those who had initially signed sale contracts.
Some of the gas volumes already committed to the United Kingdom can be diverted, he said.
Kaabi’s comments came during a press conference following the conclusion of the sixth Gas Exporting Countries Forum summit in Doha on Tuesday.
“European buyers have come to us to ask for additional volumes. We would support with additional volume if it’s available as the majority of our volume is already tied up in long-term contracts,” he said, adding that “We are supportive of the EU and ready to supply whatever is possible from our side and the volume that will be available while abiding by contracts and our commitments. We do our utmost to help.”