Qatar made efforts to boost security & stability: Attiyah

Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of State for Defense Affairs HE Dr Khalid bin Mohamed Al Attiyah has affirmed that Qatar has made a lot of efforts to enhance security and stability.
He said the country plays a major role as a mediator state in communicating with all parties, especially since political stability is important for the region and for all countries of the world.
During a session held on Sunday as part of the activities of the Doha Forum 2022 entitled “The Evolving Landscape of Strategic Alliances”, Dr Al Attiyah described Qatar’s strategic alliance with Turkey and the United States as “very successful and strong”, because it is based on solid foundations and several other factors.
He pointed out that Qatar understands well the importance of alliances and the meaning of being part of a great alliance, especially since it has responsibilities to its people and to the world, being the second largest gas exporting country in the world.
Dr Al Attiyah noted that there are many other alliances in the region and the world that are not developing well because it is affected by the lack of political cohesion between members and other parties,.
Many countries are changing their alliances due to the lack of a strong foundation on which to base them, and that most of them adopt “new” approaches represented in avoiding facts. Also, some parties do not distinguish between protection agreements and strategic alliances, he added.
On the importance of reaching a nuclear agreement with Iran, Dr Al Attiyah stated that Qatar has been looking forward for a while to reach a happy ending for this agreement.
“If this is achieved, we must move to the second stage, which we encourage partners to follow and establish a framework for security among the players in this region,” he said.
Dr Al Attiyah affirmed that any development in the issue of the agreement with Iran will reflect positively on various regional issues. It is not possible to separate the countries of the region, they have to live with each other and establish a security framework agreement that will serve as a stable ground between them.