Qatar takes part in Arab countries customs meet

Qatar participated in the extraordinary meeting of the directors-general of the customs authorities of Arab countries, which was held remotely via video conference.
The meeting discussed the ‘amended’ agreement to regulate transit between the Arab countries, and the report and recommendations of the relevant working committees in this regard. Qatar was represented in the meeting by General Authority of Customs President Ahmed bin Abdullah Al Jamal and a number of directors of departments in the Authority.
The holding of this meeting comes in view of the importance that the League of Arab States attaches to the transport sector of goods between Arab countries, as it constitutes the cornerstone of intra-regional trade between these countries.
Therefore, the General Secretariat of the League of Arab States was keen with the member states to reformulate the agreement regulating transit between the member states and to work on developing it to serve the common interests.
The meetings of the directors-general of customs in the Arab countries aim to promote customs work because of its important role in supporting transport and logistics procedures between Arab countries and improving its efficiency.