Qatari investors are welcome, says Kazakh foreign minister

Discussions are currently underway between Qatar and Kazakhstan for investments in a number of strategic projects, especially in the energy sector, Kazakh Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs Mukhtar Tileuberdi said in Doha on Sunday.
In a meeting with Qatari Businessmen Association Chairman Sheikh Faisal bin Qassim Al Thani on the sidelines of the Doha Forum, Tileuberdi also called on investors in Qatar to invest in his country. He highlighted Kazhakstan’s will to form solid foundations for strengthening cooperation with Qatar in the economic field.
The Kazakh minister said there are joint government committees and meetings at the level of economy ministers, stressing that his country has begun to experience structural changes since 2016 at the level of economic openness and legislation, as investment promotion has become a mandate of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and his country is ready to facilitate any challenges for the Qatari and foreign investors.
Tileuberdi indicated that Kazakhstan is currently working on fighting monopoly, resisting corruption, and changing laws and legislation, as it has now begun to open oil and mines fields to foreign investment, in addition to privatizing a number of sectors
The foreign minister also invited Qatari businessmen to visit his country. He highlighted the establishment of a centre for finance and arbitration subject to international laws to protect the foreign investor, in addition to assigning a single entity to speed up investment procedures and overcome obstacles. He said projects were identified where each project exceeds $50 million are made with the state and the Investment Committee of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
For his part, Sheikh Faisal said he had previously visited Kazakhstan and discussed investment opportunities in the banking and mining sectors, praising the great potential of Kazakhstan, as it has borders with China, which is a large market.
Sheikh Faisal stressed that QBA is ready to market Kazakhstan in Qatar and the Arab market, pointing at the same time to the need to develop economic relations to rise to the level of political relations between the two countries.