Qatari startup hapondo marks two-year anniv

Last week, Qatari start-up hapondo celebrated its second anniversary with a dinner reception. Attended by clients, partners, and supporters, the startup highlighted its many achievements over the past two years. hapondo is a real estate platform that connects real estate brokers to customers, and is the first of its kind in Qatar, being a homegrown portal.
Ahmad Al Khanji, co-founder of hapondo, addressed the guests and spoke about the company’s journey and big plans for the future.
“We are filled with gratitude and excitement to have all of this support for hapondo. This is just after 2 years of operations – and those two years were during a global pandemic. We can’t imagine what the next two years will bring as we work on new ideas, new development, and connecting with more partners,” said Al Khanji.
Al Khanji and his partners, Abdulla Al Fadhala, Abdulaziz Al Yazeedi, and Haajerah Khan, co-founded the startup in 2020, and since then, have been making big changes to the real estate market in Qatar. hapondo started out with a focus on residential rental properties, and has since has expanded to include sales as well as commercial properties. The portal has created great traction, reaching over 100,000 unique visitors every month.
“This event was a great way to not only connect with our clients but also to meet with our potential partners and supporters,” said Haajerah Khan, Co-founder of hapondo. “Since the pandemic, we haven’t been able to meet our clients and partners face to face as often as we like, so this was a great night to connect with our network. We were also able to talk about a lot of potential collaborations that we can undertake to make Qatar’s real estate market more transparent.”
Incubated by Qatar Science and Technology Park (QSTP), the hapondo team has been working on several exciting updates.