Qatari-US ties seeing a quantum leap: Envoy

Ambassador of Qatar to the United States of America HE Sheikh Meshaal bin Hamad Al Thani has underlined the tireless efforts of His Highness the Amir of State of Qatar Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani and his keenness to strengthen economic, political, and military relations with the US.
In a statement to Qatar News Agency, the ambassador said that the Qatari-US relations have witnessed a quantum leap in the past few years, which was demonstrated by raising the level of trade exchange between the two countries, exchanging visits at the highest levels, and strengthening the military, economic, security and cultural relations.
The envoy added that the efforts made by Qatar culminated in the signing of the Qatar-US Strategic Dialogue, which inaugurated a new era of relations between the two countries.
He pointed out that the last round of the strategic dialogue between the two countries, which was held in Washington DC in November, represented an opportunity to give a strong impetus to the bilateral relations.
Also, the ambassador noted that this visit by HH the Amir will contribute to giving new impetus to the distinguished relations between the two countries.
He indicated that the visit and its timing is an indication of the mutual trust that exists between the officials of the two countries and their keenness to work together to preserve the interests of their peoples and establish security and peace at the regional and international levels.
He stressed his confidence that this visit will constitute an opportunity to confirm the consensus of visions between Qatar and the US on many regional and international issues, whether it is related to combating terrorism, Afghanistan, Yemen, Syria, Libya, climate change and other urgent international issues.
He pointed out that what distinguishes Qatar’s foreign policy on international issues is its keenness to consolidate peace and stability through mediation to resolve disputes.
The envoy stressed that this trend in Qatari foreign policy has prompted many foreign powers, led by the US, to work closely with the State of Qatar to enhance international efforts to resolve crises or reduce their severity, the best evidence of this is the reliance of successive US administrations during the last decade on the mediating role played by the State of Qatar in hot files such as Afghanistan or the Palestinian-Israeli conflict.
He pointed to the great role of Qatar in helping the US reach an agreement on the Afghan crisis by hosting several rounds of dialogue between the Taliban officials and the two former US administrations and the current administration, as well as in helping to evacuate American nationals from Afghanistan, in addition to Afghans wishing to leave their country, adding that the State of Qatar also plays a major role in easing tension between Israel and the Palestinians, whether it comes to the Gaza Strip or the West Bank.