QDB, MAGNiTT release second issue of Qatar Venture Capital Market Report

In collaboration with the research platform MAGNiTT, Qatar Development Bank (QDB) released the second issue of “Qatar Venture Investment Report” for the year 2021, which aims to open new horizons for SMEs in Qatar, examining key areas of venture investment and the most important changes in the local investment landscape.
The beacon report highlights the impact of venture investment in Qatar and the evolution of the local funding ecosystem, as well as offering an overview of Qatar’s investment landscape. The report is part of QDB’s three-access pillars, where it provides entrepreneurs and investors with access to capabilities and sufficient and reliable information that helps in making sound decisions.
QDB’s Acting CEO Abdulrahman Hesham Al Sowaidi highlighted the various benefits of publishing this key report, saying, “Further to the remarkable success of the first report, we present the 2021 edition on venture capital investment, today. All members of the entrepreneurship ecosystem in Qatar can benefit from the valuable information provided, as it guides our future progress. The different areas of the report showcase promising growth, which opens new horizons and helps guide the launch of new initiatives.”
The report features some key growth indicators, including venture funding in Qatar which hit a record high of QR69 million in 2021, having grown by 92 percent when compared to 2020. The report also sheds light on the important role played by accelerators in driving investment in Qatar in 2021, contrary to the regional trend. It also indicates that accelerated programs were responsible for 46 percent of all transactions closed in the past year, much higher than a contribution of 16 percent observed across MENA. Furthermore, Fintech startups closed the most VC deals while the Transport and Logistics industry received the most funding.
On this occasion, Philip Bahoshy, MAGNiTT CEO and Founder, said: “The report highlights the continued growth of the VC ecosystem in Qatar with key metrics including 92% increase in capital deployment, another exit for the country and increased interest from private, corporate and international firms. This provides strong foundations for further growth in the years to come.”
The significance of venture capital to the success of SMEs stems from its ability to quickly transfuse this burgeoning sector with the funds required to accelerate growth and bring innovative solutions to market. This fact puts VCs at the forefront of those willing to believe in the unbound potential of startups and SMEs and their innovative offerings.