QIIB launches direct cheque deposit service through ATMs

The Qatar International Islamic Bank (QIIB) on Tuesday announced the launch of a direct cheque deposit service through ATMs for Personal and Corporate without the need for its customers to visit the bank’s branches.
This is part of QIIB’s implementation of the digital transformation strategy, which has seen significant leaps, post its implementation.
With this new facility that has the same security characteristics as that of cash deposit, QIIB customers (Personal and Corporate) can now deposit their cheques, swiftly and easily through the bank’s ATMs that provide the cheque depositing facility. A sign will be provided on QIIB ATMs that accept cheque deposits.
In order to avail of the new service, a customer must have a QIIB account and debit card. With a few simple steps, the customer can deposit the cheque by entering the card’s security code and choosing the cheque deposit service along with the required information.
Upon completing the deposit process, the customer can print a receipt that contains the details of the operation and a copy of the cheque that was deposited.
Commenting on the launch of the cheque deposit service through QIIB ATMs, QIIB Head of the Business Development and Alternative Channels Sector Omar Abdelaziz Al Meer said, “We are pleased to offer our valued customers from Personal and Corporate best-in-class services that suit their needs and requirements. We have been focusing recently on enabling our customers to complete their banking operations remotely, around the clock, without the need to visit the bank’s branches.”
He said,“The launch of the new service is the latest in the series of services launched by the bank within the framework of digital transformation, which has gained unprecedented momentum and leveraged banking services to a new level of comfort, security, speed, efficiency, and fulfilling the customers’ expectations and requirements.”
Meer noted, “The cheque deposit service is available through some 22 QIIB ATMs located in various vital areas across Qatar, and customers from Personal and Corporate will be able to easily locate the ATMs through the mobile banking application or through the bank’s online website”.
He said, “The process of depositing cheques through the ATMs and crediting them to the customers’ accounts saves time and effort on the part of the customer. Also, the facility is available round-the-clock and is totally secure, similar to the traditional method of depositing cheques. We urge our valued customers to avail of this service which was designed to enrich their experience in the digital banking services field.”