QIIB, Mastercard explore strengthening cooperation in field of digital payments

With a view to strengthening relations QIIB’s relations with the world’s leading companies in the field of payments, QIIB Chairman Sheikh Dr Khalid bin Thani Al Thani visited the regional headquarters of Mastercard in London, accompanied by QIIB CEO Dr Abdulbasit Ahmed Al Shaibei and QIIB Chief of Business Development and Alternative Channels Sector Omar Abdelaziz Al-Meer.
They were welcomed by Gilberto Caldart, Mastercard Vice Chairman of Senior Client Partnerships and Relationships; Khalid Elgibali, Division President, Middle East and North Africa, and Nadia Ghissassi, Country Manager of Qatar, Oman and Kuwait.
Caldart welcomed Sheikh Dr Khalid and the accompanying delegation and said, “The relations between QIIB and Mastercard are long-standing, this visit will undoubtedly establish an even stronger relationship and more effective cooperation with regards to payment solutions provided by Mastercard.”
Caldart praised the great development witnessed by the Qatari banking sector, its adoption of the latest internationally approved technology and its interest in various digital solutions, which have become a crucial element in today’s world.
Sheikh Dr Khalid said, “QIIB is satisfied with the strong relations with Mastercard, which have yielded positive results for both parties in the field of card payments and digital payments alongside many other projects.
“The continuous cooperation between QIIB and Mastercard reflects a mutual desire to enhance and develop the future of payments, which will generate wider options for our customers and many benefits provided by the world’s leading payments technology company, Mastercard.
“Enhancing the relations with Mastercard will enable QIIB to move forward in implementing its plans to promote digital transformation and create more technological solutions that are in line with Islamic Shariah, allowing QIIB to become a futuristic bank that provides all banking requirements for its customers digitally.”
In his remarks, Dr Al Shaibei said, “The future opportunities available for cooperation between QIIB and Mastercard are vast, especially in light of the steady growth in demand for digital solutions and card payments.
“QIIB customers can build their trust in the pioneering technological solutions that Mastercard will provide through this agreement, which will contribute in spreading the culture of using digital transactions by making them safe, simple, smart, and easily accessible.”
The QIIB CEO expressed his deep thanks to Khalid Elgibali, and the senior management team of Mastercard for their interest in working with QIIB and their sincere desire and intention to transform the cooperation into many programs that will benefit both parties.
The visit of QIIB delegation headed by to the headquarters of Mastercard included a tour with Gilberto Caldart of the Mastercard Experience Center developed by the company in order to expand the future horizons of payment solutions for its customers and partners.
The QIIB chairman listened to a detailed presentation on the programmes, solutions and innovation of activities conducted by Mastercard, as well as the company’s efforts in the field of innovation and development, in particular the enhancement of digital security and investing in the future of digital solutions that constitute the technology of the future.
At the conclusion of the visit, Sheikh Dr. Khalid expressed his deep thanks to Caldart for the warm welcome and the innovative ideas which were presented during the meeting.
He also stressed that work will be done according to organized programmes to transform what was presented in the talks into a collaborative set of programs that contribute to enhancing the partnership between QIIB and Mastercard.