Sakani delivers more than 2,400 housing units to Saudi families

Saudi Arabia – Sakani, a housing initiative of the Saudi Ministry of Housing, has announced that more than 2,400 housing units have been delivered in the past 10 days to Saudi families benefiting from the programme, indicating that the delivery phase of projects is ongoing in various regions of the kingdom.

Sakani attributes this success to an effective partnership with the private sector through the Shrakat programme that aims to provide a variety of housing solutions and products that meet the needs of Saudi families at competitive prices, in a bid to achieve one of the goals of the kingdom’s Vision 2030, which is to raising the percentage of home ownership among nationals to 70 per cent by 2030.

Among the latest projects to be handed over were 594 housing units in the Khamis Oasis project, 450 units in the Sea View, 530 homes in the Pearl Diyar project, and 112 units in the Al-Jawhara Buildings project, in addition to the delivery of all the 728 housing units in the Madd residential project in Dammam city.

Sakani noted that work is currently underway to complete the remaining units and projects in preparation for handing them over to the beneficiaries after the completion of the infrastructure and the delivery of public facilities by the concerned authorities.

The Saudi families who will benefit from the residential projects that are under construction in different parts of the kingdom will have access to commercial, educational, health, and security services and facilities, in addition to green areas, gardens, children’s playgrounds, and sports facilities, according to Sakani.

Sakani has also announced that it would deliver about 30,000 housing units to Saudi families over the ensuing time period.