Saudi banks warn against new financial fraud via fake news websites


The Saudi Banks Media and Awareness Committee has warned against a new financial fraud, which appears via fake news websites.

The committee stated that the scammers impersonate an official reliable newspapers’ identity and logo or impersonate a fake newspaper website in order to publish news with regard to arresting financial frauds criminals.

In addition to that, it said, that they also promote through the news they publish on the websites about a lawyer specializing in financial crimes who is professional in returning victims’ money.

The committee warned everyone to be aware of the fake news, as the criminal’s also publish a form in order to make victims fill out their information, claiming that they will communicate with them via the specialized lawyer, who will be employed to return their money.

People must check before opening any newspaper’s website, and to get the official link from the websites’ platforms.

It has also called on everyone to be keen and aware such that should not share their personal information on these websites.