Saudi’s Modon factories pass global SIRI for transformation towards fourth industrial revolution


The Saudi Authority for Industrial and Technology Zones (MODON) has revealed the success of the evaluation of 58 factories on the global Smart Industry Readiness Index (SIRI) that measures the level of facilities in adopting applications of the fourth industrial revolution, as part of MODON’s qualitative initiative of the National Productivity Program to help factories realize the highest productive efficiency rates.

MODON had launched the National Productivity Program to help industrial institutions reach the highest levels of production efficiency through drawing transformation plans to apply operational excellence principles and adopt technologies of the fourth industrial revolution on 100 existing factories to become a model for other manufacturers via partnership with the Saudi Industrial Development Fund (SIDF) and King Abdulaziz City for Science and Technology.

MODON Director of Marketing and Corporate Communication Department and Spokesperson Qusay Al-Abdulkarim stressed that this success is a result of MODON’s efforts to keep pace with the latest developments in the global industrial sector and keenness to transfer the latest industrial technologies that enhance the competitiveness of Saudi products in local, regional and international markets, and boost the national export system according to the best accredited quality standards and as part of supporting initiatives of MODON within the National Industrial Development and Logistics Program (NIDLP) that is in harmony with the MODON’s main role in the Saudi Vision 2030.

He pointed out that MODON paid attention to train human personnel to implement the targets of the National Productivity Program, considering them the core of its strategy for digital transformation and creating national personnel that are capable of leading the industrial sector in the future, where it hosts three certified and specialized evaluators by SIRI out of six evaluators available in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

SIRI, owned by International Centre for Industrial Transformation (INCIT), is the only accredited index so far by the World Economic Forum to measure rates of adoption by industrial facilities to applications of the fourth industrial revolution and provide them with necessary tools to increase their technological preparedness to realize this purpose.

Al-Abdulkarim said that the National Productivity Program has trained more than 450 leaders from 76 factories on the concepts of the fourth industrial revolution according to the best training programs in cooperation with global technological partners: General Electric (GE) and McKinsey Company, which contributed to realizing the targets of the Human Capabilities Development Program as part of the Saudi Vision 2030.