Unvaccinated COVID patients eight times more likely to need ICU admission: MoPH

Unvaccinated patients are eight times more likely to need admission to Intensive Care Units (ICU) due to severe COVID-19 infection than those who are fully vaccinated, according to Ministry of Public Health data.
Analysis of COVID-19 patients admitted to Hamad Medical Corporation (HMC) since Dec 15, 2021 shows that partially vaccinated patients — those who received only one dose or received their second dose more than six months ago and no booster dose — had some degree of protection, but significantly less than fully vaccinated patients.
“Partially vaccinated patients were three times less likely than unvaccinated patients to be admitted to ICU, but two and a half times more likely to be admitted than fully vaccinated patients,” the data said.
Acting Chairman of HMC’s Intensive Care Units Dr Ahmed Al Mohammed said the review of ICU data confirms what his clinical teams witness on a daily basis.
“In our intensive care units at HMC we treat the most severely ill patients, some of which require mechanical ventilation to support their breathing. For myself and my team it is heartbreaking to see people fighting for their lives and to know that they could have avoided this with one simple action of getting vaccinated. Please, if you are not yet vaccinated, act now to protect yourself,” Dr Ahmed said.
Qatar’s population has responded very positively to the roll out of the National COVID-19 Vaccination Programme, and more than 5.8 million doses, including over 800,000 booster doses, have been safely administered.